Amuse yourself with some of Paris’ top attractions

Amuse yourself with some of Paris’ top attractions

Top selection of the things to do in Paris

Paris has endless activities, French entertainment and places to visit that one would never get bored, as long as priorities are set right. This is why Paris Limousine Car Service has taken the privilege to introduce you to some of the most important categories of most see in Paris that will help you choose and decide on what suits some of your interests.

Amusement parks, family outings, best shopping places, sport events, museums, monuments are all listed. You may also refer to our Special Request page to see some of the major Special Events that take place in Paris all year round.

Some of the best entertainment attractions in Europe are located in Paris and in the surrounding areas. Great theme parks, extraordinary museums, and educative activities make perfect quality leisure both for families and individuals. Find out what Paris Limousine Car Service has to offer.

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Disneyland Paris

Parc Astérix

The Sea of Sand – La Mer de Sable

France Miniature Map In Paris

La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie Museum

Disneyland Paris

With only 40 to 50 minutes drive from the Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and a few minutes away from the capital city of France, Disneyland Paris is the most visited amusement resort all around the year. A great place for tourists and families to spend their vacation. The resort contains two theme parks (Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park), cafés, restaurants, entertainment and shopping complex (Disney Village), Golf Disneyland and seven hotels (which include sports and leisure amenities). We can transfer you to Disneyland from any location.

Best attractions in Disneyland and best choice of car from our luxury fleet

Book online and reserve a car from our high standard park of vehicles. To help you make the best choice of car, for more description visit our home page luxury fleet section. Disneyland is a great reward for kids. They can meet the Disney characters personally, who will be more than happy to share their autographs and together take a memorable photo. Some of the best attractions are: It’s a Small World, Space Mountain – Mission 2, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast…

Luxury transportation services Disneyland Paris – Airport, Paris city tours and more

Paris Limousine Car Service offers suitable Luxury transportation services to and from Disneyland – Airport, Paris city tours and more. For more information you may refer to our Tours & Sightseeing. If you love shopping and fashion, our uniformed certified chauffeur will be at your disposal to carry you in style to one of the well known shopping centers, Val d’Europe. Our devoted personnel can help you plan your journey to Paris, France.

Parc Astérix

The name of the park “Parc Astérix” clearly describes the theme of the “Gallic world” one will be enjoying. Its relevant “Astérix’s and Obelix’s” comic books seen in every bookshop and stores give us an idea of the crazy adventures and amazing ambience the park has prepared for its visitors. It is open during the warm seasons, usually from April till October. Get a limo transfer to Park Astérix with special care and comfort.

Point-to-point transportation Paris to the great Gallic amusement park – Parc Astérix

Located in the heart of the forest and 40 minutes drive from Paris, point-to-point transportation, this authentic park features 32 original attractions and magnificent humored shows by the park’s skilled actors and dolphins, all related to the Gallic theme. Taking you back to the historic times of the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece and Egypt, it is a great amusement park both for families and individuals who can spend their day experiencing the tailor-made innovative adventures and treat themselves with great food available at restaurants within the park. Other than transfers to Park Astérix, moreover, we have car with chauffeur services to and from airport, executive / corporate transportation, and more…

Luxury transportation services with devoted personnel and qualified chauffeurs

Paris Limousine Car Service offers luxury transportation services to and from the park customized to your request. Refer to our Fleet to book your preferred comfortable car with driver according to the number of passengers. Our devoted personnel and qualified chauffeurs in France are ready to meet your requirements.

The Sea of Sand – La Mer de Sable

Another magnificent theme park for a family outing, La Mer de Sable, centred in the forest of Ermenonville in Oise, suitable for all ages, has a perfect natural geological setting of sand. Around an hour car drive from Paris, the Wild West adventurous park contains three divisions: the Gates of the Desert, the Time of the Pioneers and the Conquest of the American West, and the Jungle. An alternative sight to visit is Van Gogh’s House in Auvers-sur-Oise: visit our tours and sightseeing page for more places to see as we invite you to use our distinguished chauffered ground transportation services in Paris.

26 incredibly fun attractions and more limousine transportation arrangements by our personnel

Other than that of the park featuring 26 incredibly fun attractions, the different shows presenting horse riding acrobatics, and the unexpected cowboy and Indian show keep you entertained all along the way. As every major park, La Mer de Sable has available restaurants & cafés, in addition, it has many sheltered picnic areas. Our personnel at Paris Limousine Car Service can easily make arrangements for your limousine transportation needs, such as: by hour, executive / corporate transfers, shopping, Paris night out, from hotel to airport and more…

We can make your visit to The Sea of Sand more pleasant : luxury and private transfer services

The park La Mer de Sable is only open during the warm seasons, usually from April till September. We can make your visit to The Sea of Sand more pleasant. Instead of worrying about the extra walks you have to make to reach to crowded transportation means, our professional chauffeur will meet and greet you and transfer you safely and in total comfort to and from the park. Our transportation services are only luxury and private meeting your utmost satisfaction.

France Miniature Map In Paris

A great theme park to see France’s most popular monuments built in miniature architecture. It all looks so real, detailed and exact. Luxury transfer to France Miniature Map allows visitors to have an idea of the places they plan to visit. Open during the warm seasons only, this largest in Europe miniature park includes 150 scale models made by around 50 Landscape artists and model creators.

What the France Miniature Park contains and why to choose our reliable, hassle free transportation services?

The park has interesting walking paths and landscapes to go from one mat to another, as well as, amusing rides for children including a wavy slide and small boats to steer. To name a few of the models featured in the park: the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Lourdes, Sacré-Coeur, the Place Bellecour, The Stade de France, Chateau Chenonceau and many more. The amazing part of this experience is that we can take you to see your preferred places in reality while seen in France Miniature Map. “Because we plan ahead for your requests” is what makes us more reliable in our transportation services. We analyze the timing so our chauffeurs are very punctual and we monitor traffic. Long or short trips, business roadshows and other transfer requirements will just go with the flow of hassle free travel.

Do you plan to visit for business or leisure? Use Paris Limousine Car Service

If you plan to visit France Miniature Map with your family or individually, we have luxury vehicles of all sizes to meet all your transportation needs. Whether your visit is for business or leisure, Paris Limousine Car Service can save you time and help you plan your stay making the best out of it.

La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie Museum

Discover the science and technology side of Paris, La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie which is the largest and most visited science museums in Europe. Many of our local clients in Paris use our luxury limousine car with driver services to be transferred to this one of a kind museum. It is more than just a museum; you can experience and learn modern amazing innovations and new developments. It includes areas for adults, teenagers and children. The nice part about this place is that there are many different demonstrations and interactive exhibits.

Millions of people visiting every year – Get to this magnificent exploration area with luxury car

Millions of people visiting every year, the museum features: La Géode, The Explora, The Cinaxe, submarine Argonaute, planetarium, a Mediterranean aquarium and more. The museum also includes restaurants and shops. Open from Tuesday through to Saturday, closed on Monday, Paris Limousine Car Service chauffeur will transfer you to and from this magnificent exploration area in a luxury car of your choice, Mercedes Benz latest model vehicles. Make your online reservation car Paris for your transportation needs and let us help you make the best out of your time not missing out much while you stay in Paris.

The Palais de la découverte science museum and Paris airport transfer to Disneyland Paris

We are sure that on your next visit you will want to come back to the entertaining The La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie Museum. If you have enough time, don’t miss out Le Palais de la découverte, another science museum. We have best price offers for chauffeured car service to and from Paris airport  Disneyland Paris.

Puy du Fou

Last but not least most lavishing France’s best conserved theme park: Puy du Fou

It is said that “If you haven’t been to this particular rural theme park – Puy du Fou founded by Philippe de Villiers – then you have missed out on the meaning of “theatrical extravaganzas”. It is the second most visited spotlight after Disneyland Paris. Situated in Vendée in western France, approximately four hours ride from Paris capital city, numerous actors and animals perform high drama presenting real time history from Vikings to Roman gladiators to King Arthur, with amazing special effects.

Combine luxury in comfort transportation with leisure in Vendée – all is possible with Paris Limousine Car Service!

Book with us and choose the vehicle that corresponds to your number of passengers: Mercedes-Benz E Class (2 seats); Mercedes-Benz S Class (2 seats), Mercedes-Benz V Class (7 seats); Mercedes-Benz Vito Class (8 seats); Wolkswagen Caravelle (8 seats). If passengers’ number exceed 8 then we can make a combination of more than one luxury vehicle. Think about reserving at least one night stay to make sure you cover all the park activities, as well as, day and night shows. For accommodation, hotels you may choose to stay in: Clovis Islands, Field of the Cloth of Gold hotel, Gallo-Roman villa and Le Logis de Lescure.

Puy du Fou does not end with it’s shows… still to see the forest and more wonders

The magnificent green forest setting will guide you with the peaceful and enjoyable walk landing you to each and every spot of amusement such as: villages, plus a medieval settlement and a farm from the eighteenth century, you can even go into houses and watch artisans while they are working.

By hour, tours and sightseeing, our professional limousine drivers will guide you to the most amazing regions of Vendée

While in the Vendee region, you may take advantage to have one of our chauffeurs with limousine car offer you a tours and sightseeing ride to the spectacular beaches of the Atlantic coast, La Rochelle and the Marais Poitevin.

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