The Châteaux de la Loire

The Châteaux de la Loire, settled along the picturesque Loire River in France, is a UNESCO World Heritage site of historical charm, epitomize architectural splendor and natural beauty . This enchanting region comprises a collection of magnificent castles, each with its unique tale of royalty and design. The French Renaissance architecture showcases the cultural richness and artistic intelligence of France’s past. Visitors are captivated by this journey that introduces the country’s regal heritage by discovering lush gardens, grand halls, and intricate details.

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Trip recommended time to The Châteaux de la Loire by Paris Limousine Car service

Paris Limousine Car service would recommend from 8 to 10 hours of trip forth and back to Paris, depending on how many castles you visit. Reserve luxury on ground transportation with us.

The TOP 10 most visited castles in Loire Valley

Most of the châteaux are open to the public all year long, also in winter. Visit Châteaux de la Loire online site for more information. Buy tickets from here

  1. Château de Chenonceau
  2. Château de Chambord
  3. Château de Blois
  4. Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire
  5. Château du Rivau coup de coeur
  6. Château de Brézé coup de coeur
  7. Château d’Azay-le-Rideau coup de coeur
  8. Château royal d’Amboise
  9. Château de Cheverny
  10. Château de Villandry coup de cœur

The Château de Chenonceau, the “Ladies’ Castle”

One of the most visited and admired castle in the Loire Valley, The Château de Chenonceau, a 16th century blend of Gothic and Renaissance architectural masterpiece is often referred to as the “Ladies’ Castle” since it has a rich history of ownership by several influential women in its history. This iconic castle’s unique location across the river, the well-shaped gardens, intricate tapestries, and the Gallery Bridge over the river makes it a cultural and visual amusement.

The Château de Chambord, the magnificence of the French monarchy

A very popular and recognizable castle in the Loire Valley is The Château de Chambord due to its French Renaissance grandeur, commissioned by King Francis I in the 16th century. Its distinctive architecture characterized by its intricate towers, spires, and a unique double-helix staircase attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. Not to mention, the spacious series of interior rooms, each decorated with lavish details that reflect the magnificence of the French monarchy. In spite of its importance, Château de Chambord was seldomly used as a royal dwelling and served primarily as a hunting lodge. While visiting, one has to climb its turreted towers for panoramic views and marvel at the crochet-like vast gardens.

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