France Miniature Map In Paris

A great theme park to see France’s most popular monuments built in miniature architecture. It all looks so real, detailed and exact. Luxury transfer to France Miniature Map allows visitors to have an idea of the places they plan to visit. Open during the warm seasons only, this largest in Europe miniature park includes 150 scale models made by around 50 Landscape artists and model creators.

France Miniature Map amusement park

What the France Miniature Park contains and why to choose our reliable, hassle free transportation services

The park has interesting walking paths and landscapes to go from one mat to another, as well as, amusing rides for children including a wavy slide and small boats to steer. To name a few of the models featured in the park: the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Lourdes, Sacré-Cour, the Place Bellecour, The Stade de France, Chateau Chenonceau and many more. The amazing part of this experience is that we can take you to see your preferred places in reality while seen in France Miniature Map. Because we plan ahead for your requests is what makes us more reliable in our transportation services. We analyze the timing so our chauffeurs are very punctual and we monitor traffic. Long or short trips, business roadshows and other transfer requirements will just go with the flow of hassle free travel.

Do you plan to visit for business or leisure? Use Paris Limousine Car Service

If you plan to visit France Miniature Map with your family or individually, we have luxury vehicles of all sizes to meet all your transportation needs. Whether your visit is for business or leisure, Paris Limousine Car Service can save you time and help you plan your stay taking the best out of it.

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